Conference, July 17-19, 2014
Washington, D.C.
Celebrating 40 Years!
NARMH Becomes an
Affiliate of NACBHDD

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NARMH and NACBHDD are very pleased to announce that NARMH has become a formal affiliate of NACBHDD.

Details . . .

Linking Voices to Promote Rural Mental Health

The National Association for Rural Mental Health (NARMH) is a professional organization that serves the field of rural mental health. NARMH's membership includes the entire spectrum of the rural mental health community: consumers, family members, practitioners, administrators, educators, researchers, and policy makers.

NARMH's mission is "Linking Voices to Promote Rural Mental Health." NARMH carries out this mission through electronic (website & listserves) and print communication, an annual national conference, participation in national policy making, and special projects.

A unifying force for NARMH has been a focus on rural which includes a commitment to rural people and those that serve them. This belief that rural comes first has allowed NARMH to concentrate its efforts to improve access, availability, acceptability of mental health and substance abuse services and research in rural and frontier areas.