Each year, the National Association for Rural Mental Health hosts a one-of-a-kind conference focusing on rural and frontier mental health practice, social services, research, and public policy issues. The NARMH Annual conference brings together rural clinicians, administrators, consumers, researchers, and policy-makers. Participants’ learn about national issues and trends; develop new knowledge and skills; hear perspectives from rural consumers and advocates; and are provided with updates on the latest in research, practice and policy; socialize and HAVE FUN!

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The National Association for Rural Mental Health (NARMH) is a professional organization that serves the field of rural behavioral health. NARMH's membership includes the entire spectrum of the rural mental health community, including consumers, family members, practitioners, administrators, educators, researchers, and policy makers. A unifying force for NARMH has been a focus on rural concerns, which includes a commitment to rural people and those that serve them. This belief that rural comes first has allowed NARMH to concentrate its efforts to improve access, availability, acceptability of behavioral health and substance abuse services and research in rural and frontier areas.

Message from NARMH President

Jennifer Christman - President, Board of Directors

Welcome to the National Association for Rural Mental Health (NARMH) website. Founded in 1977, this association enhances rural mental health accessibility by supporting individuals seeking services, researchers in academia, and mental health providers. Over 57 million Americans live in rural communities nationwide; however, 65% do not have access to a psychologist or a mental health professional. By providing a forum for shared discussion, NARMH creates opportunities in line with our mission: Linking Voices to Promote Rural Mental Health.

NARMH is championed by individuals both within our Board of Directors and our membership community. We continue to advocate for and promote programs which support rural mental health: bringing discussion and change in legislation, funding, and education. Our annual conference, most recently held in New Orleans, frames these conversations and allows for the much needed platforms of growth. We hope to continue to be a voice for rural populations as we explore ideas to reduce mental health barriers, and we hope that you will join in our efforts.

As our voice grows, so does our organization. I invite you to become a member today! A NARMH membership offers access to networking opportunities, education tools, best practice advice, and the chance to help us build a longstanding association. By joining, you will become an advocate for rural mental health on a national level and a part of our continued success.

Thank you,

Jennifer Christman

President, Board of Directors

National Association for Rural Mental Health