Each year, the National Association for Rural Mental Health hosts a one-of-a-kind conference focusing on rural and frontier mental health practice, social services, research, and public policy issues. The NARMH Annual conference brings together rural clinicians, administrators, consumers, researchers, and policy-makers. Participants’ learn about national issues and trends; develop new knowledge and skills; hear perspectives from rural consumers and advocates; and are provided with updates on the latest in research, practice and policy; socialize and HAVE FUN!

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NARMH has a long and rich history of supporting and creating publications and reports to inform and document rural behavioral health concerns, challenges, and successes. For example, early in its history, NARMH developed the journal of Rural Community Mental Health, which later became the Journal of Rural Mental Health (JRMH). Today, the JRMH remains the official journal of NARMH and is managed by the American Psychological Association (APA) Press. NARMH has also supported a less formal but important venue to share rural behavioral health information through “NARMH Notes.” Here, one can disseminate best practices, emerging practices, observations, policy positions, and opinions related to rural behavioral health issues. Additionally, NARMH has a long history of developing a variety of reports to support federal and state agencies in their need for relevant, timely, and accurate information about a variety of issues. Please feel free to review some past documents shared here.

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